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Web Development & Server Administration

Benefit from our large expertise and integrated approach when you plan to develop your next online startup, high demand application, SAAS, or even a business management application.

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High demand applications

Do you want to launch a high demand Dot-com or a SAAS and you would like to have a team taking care of all the technical side, working together regardless if is related to application development, platform setup, or maintenance? Do you want a scalable platform to keep up with your planned traffic growth?

Application development

Development of your web application to modern standards, taking care of all steps, from Requirements analysis to Software design, Implementation, Testing and Deployment.

Infrastructure buildup

Setup your infrastructure starting from selecting the cloud/datacenter, the most appropriate setup & software package, configuring and securing everything, preparing monitoring and backups.

Scale and Support

Continuous development of the application through all lifecycle, add new features, monitor the infrastructure load and scale it to be able to handle your constantly changing traffic targets.

Web development for Online Startups & Business Management

We create applications for online services and SAAS, for business management, and any other kind of custom made application for online startups and well established corporations, based on modern server side and UI frameworks.

Online startups

Startups looking to deliver innovative online services or a SAAS can benefit from our expertise and intergrated approach for entire development process.

Classified applications

Benefit from our long expertise on developing and scaling classifieds application's, for generalist or specialized areas (eg: auto)

Business applications

Development of business applications (CRM, SFA, a.s.o.) for different industries, with nice graphs, reports, tables and automation tools.

Zend Framework

Web development based on Zend Framework, benefiting from 9 years of experience with the enterprise PHP framework.


We use Phalcon Framework to build very fast applications, a must for high demand applications of today.

Responsive UI

We use Bootstrap or Foundation to assure interface compatibility with smartphones, tablets, laptop, PC's, large displays.

Online Shops, Presentation Websites, SEO

Enhanced online shops and presentation websites to help you growth your sales, increase brand awareness. Built with our expertise on the major open-source platforms of today's web, coming along with continuous support and integrated hosting.

Online shops

Powerful online shops, tailored to your needs, integrated with payment systems, shipping, accounting, etc. helping you to increase your sales.

Presentation websites

Beautiful presentation websites, fully compatible with PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone, to help expose your brand and product/services

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website to get the first results in Google for the keywords that are important to your business.


We create online shops based on the most powerful and scalable e-commerce platform, Magento, with any kind of custom functionality.


Web most popular platform, with added protection against malware or viruses, strengthened hosting and continuous support.


We build modern websites or applications based on this very powerful Content Management Systems available.


We offer a maintenance and server installation service, with a team that works alongside our web development team, so there is cooperation and consistency across the whole of the staff working on your project.

Server deployment

Deploy via virtual machine, bare bones, cloud services, with speed and customised to suit your needs.

Web Servers

Web services secure with modern encryption and fast. Compatibility with all modern devices, Available all the time.


Configuration suited to demands of the database, with online no downtime backups, scaling to match growth.


Get your emails always delivered, have your inbox clean from spam & viruses. Keep your email private through modern high encryption.

High Availability

Load balance your web services to ensure availability and high performance, no downtime, only uptime.


Monitoring of key resources, presented in graphical format, historical data, zooming of data all supported.

Latest Works

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Trucks auto classifieds.

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Wholesale floral accessories online shop.

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Sales Force Automation for telecom.

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Fashion online store.

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Pan Adami

Bakery equipment online catalog.

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Trans Monatana Logistic park

Logistic park presentation website.

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Logistics Management

Logistics CRM application.

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Wine not?

Retail and wholesale of wines online shop.


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